Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stormy night?

Well, lets see if the current storm track will figure out how to miss us. Seems we can have storms heading our way, sure to get rain, only for them to split up, or fall apart, and we barely get a sprinkle. But I think by tonight's radar, we will get more than a sprinkle. Some storms have large hail attached. Not much we can do about that but hope it does not happen here!. Hope the horses stay safe. They hate being in the barn, as the metal roof makes SO much noise when hail hits it. I have had them go into the woods, under the trees. Of course, it is my job to then worry about lightning strikes. So, about time to sign off for the night, and then see what the rain gauge tells me in the morning. Some areas have had over 13" of rain today! We have had less than 1/2".

We are about where the black * is on the map

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