Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Training

With the positive attitude that all that nasty winter like weather is behind us here in No. TX, I am taking the attitude that is is time to try to start with a better "spring training" program. Wait, I really don't like the word program, as that sounds too structured. And my life is rarely structured.  But with Spring weather starting to look like it is truly here, it is time to get down to business. Before we know it, the weather will turn to Texas summer weather, with its own issues!

I tried to keep Hank fit through the winter, making the best use of our rides, even if the weather did not always let us ride as much as we wanted.  And now we will have spring rains, which often make the trails to muddy to ride, but I am going to make myself get out on some of the local dirt roads if the mud is too bad, and ride anyway. I can cover up to stay dry. I just don't like to have us wet AND cold.  So no more excuses! (Uh huh, sure, see how this goes)

I had a friend who was training his carriage driving horse for international level competitions.  He would get up early each morning, go work the horse before he went off to his work, and then after work, went home, and worked the horse again. Usually each work out was at least an hour. Now, he did not need to do training out on the trail that can be time intensive like our distance horses, and had an arena to train in, but he did this all seasons, even when the daylight was short. He'd often be out there in the pre-dawn, taking care of the horse, and working with her. He used to say "Our competition has already worked with their horse today". He lived on the West Coast, and being hours behind his East Coast competitors meant indeed, most had done their morning work outs, and were heading towards lunch when he was in the middle of his training session. His motivation was knowing they had a jump on the day with working their horses.   While I do not have any goals of international competition like he did, often we need to find things that will keep us motivated to ride on some days when maybe things are just not absolutely perfect. While riding is a form of recreation for me, and I want to enjoy my ride, there are just times I need to suck it up and get out on the horse when it is not a perfect day. Otherwise, when we head to an event, that is testing the condition and fitness of my horse to travel over many miles, he will not be as prepared as I could have him.

So today, we rode 20 miles, and did get done before the bad wind and cold front arrived.  I hope to get him out tomorrow for another 10 to 15 miles.  Then this coming week the weather will not be an excuse to not ride, as it is to be warm and sunny. We have a NATRC ride on our local trails next weekend, so we won't do a bunch this week, but some short rides. Hubby will have a day ot two to ride.

As I try to get Hank in even better condition that last year, it is time for me to get back to doing a bit more for my condition. Plans to start back on that dang treadmill.  Also, I need to just get off and walk on the trail more with Hank at times. We have mileage markers on the trail, and even if I get off and walk ONE stupid mile, that is a mile more than I'd have walked otherwise.

OK, since I blogged about it, I hope that will be enough to motivate me. But don't call me on it. hehe

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