Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If I never got that first pony......

..... my life would be completely different.

Mel over at Boots and Saddles had given me a blog idea weeks ago, and I am just not getting around to posting. She got me thinking about what my life would be like, if I did not have horses. Beyond the part on trying to figure out the types of things I might be interested in to fill that time my horses take, I realized it goes so much deeper than that. I've always joked that I'd have never been a ballerina,  and while I tried band in school as a youth, my talent was lacking, so I don't think I'd have become a great musician.  Never was really good with sports in school, although I tried a few. And maybe because I had the horses, made me not really put in an effort with the different sports to get any better at them. Crafts? Hobbies? I have some that I do now, but would they have taken up more of my time, that I use for the horses?

What I had never really thought about was that the day my parents brought that Shetland Pony home to me as a two year old child, my life's course was set. I can base almost all of my life's  directions and choices, where I have lived, and even who I married, due to that pony.

                                        Princess, my first pony with my dad

Princess was not just a passing interest. Getting that pony got me involved in riding all through my childhood, getting a bigger pony, then horses. They became part of my life. When my parents divorced, because I had horses, my mother had to find an area in So. CA that allowed horse keeping. We moved to a neighborhood in Glendale, near Griffith Park, where I rode constantly. My days were filled with horse activities. After school, I raced home to ride, and hang out with horse type friends, and rarely school friends. When I got old enough for a place of my own, I moved just down the street from my mothers house, and the horses still lived there at her place. I met my husband through a mutual friend, who worked right down the road. When we looked to purchase our first house, it had to be horse property.  Having horses made us start to desire a larger property, but that was not going to happen in So. CA. So, we relocated to Texas, where we got some acreage for the horses. If we did not have horses, chances are, we would have stayed in So. CA.  But, had I not got that first pony, I'd have not had horses when my parents divorced, ad my mom would not have needed to find horse property, and I'd have not lived in the neighborhood I met my husband, and I'd be bored to death, as I don't have any idea what things I'd do if I did not have horses.

So is there any one thing that has happened in your life, that you can see helped chart your life's course?


Cheyenne said...

For me? Well. ..I was 16 years old, and had just signed on for the Navy. I was thin, infact, I looked like a hat rack! While there I was approached by an enthusiastic gent, of some rather generous proportions! He turned out to be a retired Captain. But was looking for someone, light in build and not too tall, in fact he thought I fit the bill.
I had never ridden a horse in my life! Much less like the damn things! But as riding got me away from the Drill time, I sort of went along,thinking it would be a bit of an easy time.
This Captain ran a small racing stable, lots of TB`s. He was engaged in Point to Point, so without any ceremony, and after much protest he got me on this monster! Well the rest is history, I fell off a few times, but was pretty good at the P2P, but after very many injuries gave it up. I never touched horse for nigh on 27 years! Then I got the bug!They`ve been good for me, kept my sane, when I needed to be.

Mel said...

Thanks for the link! :)

I love "what if" questions. I know some people (my boyfriend) find them annoying but I find them freeing!

AareneX said...

When I was 28, a very wise woman noticed that what I had was a husband, and what I needed was a horse. Like the wise woman she is, my friend facilitated the swap.

Since then, having a horse saved my sanity in graduate school, secured the love of a good man, and eventually inspired (nay, demanded!) the move out of the city to our little farm in the foothills.

It all would've been different, if not for the horses.

Merri said...

I bet you would have found horses anyway, though your life may have been different. I almost took a job in Boston (gasp!) after college. I always wonder how different my life would have been... certainly not quite the same opportunities in the east as in the West for horses and outdoor work...
- The Equestrian Vagabond

allhorsestuff said...

I is all connected by the thread..and amazing cord of planned out sequence of events!You could never construct it, not would you believe how it could happen that way if someone told you in advance either!
I am looking of photo's of my first pony...maybe will do a post like this too...I loved your history!!! Love your pony Princess.
Mine was called Trixie.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I started with ponies at a very young age too. Last year, my parents gave me photos of my brother and sister and I and our 2 ponies. We were hanging onto their tails and necks! We must have been 3,5 and 7. But to look at that photo, we were very comfortable being around them. I have been meaning to scan them into a photo file and start posting about them! maybe it will happen some day when it is too hot to be outside! Right now, we are having a perfect day. Sunny, no wind, and going to be mid to high 70's. I'm heading outside!