Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Got in to the vet today

Hank was still a tad off this morning, and we managed to get an appointment with the vet this afternoon. I wanted to get him in while he was still showing signs of being sore, so I could hopefully FIND the issue. If I had waited, and he got better on his own, I'd have not know what the issue was, and then worry it would be something that would come back again because I had not actually treated it, and hopefully healed it the first time.  Some lameness issues are things that will heal, and not reoccur, but others, especially soft tissue issues can look better, then get re-stressed.

This is the facility that did Hanks colic surgery, and they had not seen him in awhile. They fussed over him as I told them about the events at the ride this weekend, and what I thought was going on.  Then they had one of their techs trot him out, as the vets and intern vets new to the practice watched. Used hoof testers on his feet, which showed no reaction. But, he is fairly stoic, and does not always react quick to things like that, even if painful or uncomfortable. They injected the leg to do a never block on the hoof, then trotted again,a nd he was better. But then we saw a little something on the other front leg, and after palpating, found the tendon area was tender. Best guess is, the shoe torqued, the nail slipped out some, then back in, but most likely not in the hole, and hit an area to cause discomfort.  That discomfort caused him to shift more weight on to the other front leg, stressing it a bit. And maybe that is why I was not feeling him "off" on the ride, but just more of an unbalanced feel when we trotted. Both fronts had a bit of pain.

So, we have some stuff to pack and wrap his foot in for the next few days to a week. This vet does not like Epsom Salt soaks for hoof issues. He feels they dry the feet out, and stopped using them. Found that interesting. I also have some stuff I used last year to wrap his legs with when he was doing so many rides and travel, that is very popular with the race horses, and last, and anti inflammatory oral med for a couple weeks. He felt I should be back on the trail in a week or so.

I'm glad I went today, as I would have probably missed the slight issue on the tendon.

I always tell people that the entry fee for a ride like Tevis is the cheap part. Travel etc. is expensive, and when you are trying to compete at higher levels, the care and maintenance issues the horse needs goes up.  Talk to those who compete a lot, and things like Adquan and Legend shots, different types of therapy, chiropractor work, swimming the horses between riding, different feeds etc. add up quick.  It has been interesting to talk to people who compete heavy and see what they do to keep their horses in what they feel is top form. Me? I head to the vet quicker than I used to. lol  But that is what probably save his life when he had the colic issues too.

Now to see if I remember to update after his is back to work again.


Cheyenne said...

That is interesting about Epsom salts: Our own vet doesnt use them either, stopped some time ago, same reasons.
Sounds like you did the right thing. I still use a Bran poultice for puncture wounds etc. Then clean the hole in the hoof out with Peroxide. Foams a bit! But always has done the trick. usually ok in 5 days, depending on the severity. Just as an aside, about competing at higher levels, tried it a few years ago with a lovely Arab mare, we did well at the 80km level, but the stress on her became to much, and the vets bills etc Urgh!
backed off now to expensive. But I`ll be looking for you on the Tevis site!

Danielle said...

Glad to hear it's nothing serious!!

Tell Hank, that from one rehab horse to another, Huck says Get Well Soon!

AareneX said...

Glad to hear the lameness is minor. I like your "run to the vet fast" philosophy, and I'll bet it will actually saved money in the very long run.

Here in the Swamplands we still use Epsom Salts, as "dryness" is a condition devoutly to be sought--especially in winter, which is when we see most abcesses!

Keep us posted!

Mel said...

Glad to hear it's nothing serious. I think I also dodged the bullet, but I'll write that in my own blog and not hijack your comments!

Funny you mention the tevis thing. I was thinking exactly the same thing this morning. $380 for the entry fee, but at least 'nother $100 for crew annemities, whatever the adequan is going to cost me, the ultrasound recheck and vet appointment I wouldn't otherwise have etc.

enduranceridestuff.com said...

Good luck, I hope Hank will be 100% by the weekend.

So what is your plan for heading my direction? Notice how I conveniently didn't say IT. lol

Chris said...

Doesn't sound like you turn to the vet for advice too often! Definitely sooner rather than later is a great philosophy! Hope it pays off and things are back on track very shortly.

allhorsestuff said...

Hello YOU!
I so enjoy your childhood rambles, through time and space, at my place when you visit!
I am glad your beauty is going to be alright.. I still do like the Epsom...but have not needed to use it in so long..would not dry out our hooves! I am really6 liking the "Sore No More" products..they are really great.

And...the "Easy Walker Horseshoes"...really, really take the "SHOCK" out of trotting concussion, over steel shoes.. You should give them a try!

Glad that the vets made fusses over
Hank! He is worth every bit!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

Just read about your conditioning ride for Tevis. Sorry to read about the soreness but glad you found it early. I'm exciting to read about your preparations and your Tevis ride. How exciting! maybe 1 day, I'll try some endurance rides.