Thursday, September 2, 2010

The tools

Really quick post on what tools I use. I have a punch that I hammer the litle "dent" where I want to drill first, so the drill will seat as I start the hole. I use a cordless DeWalt drill, and good drill bits. If I need to doo a large 1/2" hole, I would pre drill a smaller one first. Make sure you keep the drill bit running level, not angle up or down as you drill. I had a tape measure, and pencil, and would measure the distance from say, the molding, down, so my holes / hooks would be the same height on the trailer and look even. The pencil would wipe off easy if I needed to move the mark. I also used masking tape to mark locations on the trailer for where I wanted something. We used a metal "L" some to make straight lines.  Then, I have what I call a chick tool kit. I have a wonderful large, Craftsman wrench and socket set, but most of the time, my little "chick kit" does what I need. It has a small socket wrench, set of smaller sockets, driver tips of all types. (screw drivers that slip interchange in to one screw driver handle)  The drivers include phillips, flat head, and the square heads that some of the screws on the camper needs. All in a small plastic case. I use this little kit a BUNCH.  For drilling a lot of screws with a head that took a socket,  could put it on the drill and things went quick.


Horses Are Our Lives said...

You are one handy lady! That is a great assortment of tools. And even though this isn't a tool. don't forget duct tape in the tool bag. I need to catch up on your previous posts.

Cheyenne said...

I wish my other half, was as active in the DIY department!!! I always end up making a mess!