Thursday, April 21, 2011

Broken Bit Update

In the post below I shared that my Myler bit had broke at the trail ride. I sent Toklat (who owns the Myler line) and email on Tuesday, with photos of the bit, explained it had broke, but did not want to send it to them, as I had sentimental value due to the rides we have done in it. I just wanted them to be aware of it breaking, as I had someone else mention they had seen one break. Well, today in the mail, Toklat sent me a  brand new bit!!!  Now, is that customer service, or what??? We have been using Toklat products for years. I still own one of our original Toklat trail breast collars we bought in the mid 80's!!!    I thought I should share about their customer service, in this day and age of some companies never even replying to concerns. I had gotten years of use out of the bit, and did not expect anything from them.


Funder said...

That's really excellent. I'm about to bite the bullet and buy a Myler bit of my very own, and I admit I got a little nervous when I read about how yours died - but I figured you'd gotten your money's worth out of it!

Tammy Vasa said...

I wondered if they wouldn't stand behind it. Great service story! I don't remember if I posted on my blog or on Garmin's FB page how happy I was with their Customer Service. Last year, my car Garmin broke when I touched the screen. They stood behind it. Then this past month my Foretrex stopped uploading to Garmin Connect. They worked with me on solutions & ended up sending me a new one. Love when companies stand behind their product.

On another note, when Windy came home from Brenda's last month, Brenda said to watch her Whoa - that Brenda was really working on getting a good stop with the verbal. I enjoyed your prev blog with the Whoa and on the trail last night practiced some more. Wasn't perfect, but getting there. That would be a great CTR obstacle.

Rising Rainbow said...

Toklait is awesome for their customer service. I used to work in a tack store and believe me we tested them a lot. It doesn't surprise me they replaced your bit for you. Very cool!

SidWiley said...

I had the exact same thing happen when a Toklat (Myler) bit broke in half during a Centered Riding Clinic. Borrowed a different one to finish the clinic, contacted the company when I returned home, and easily exchanged it for a brand new one! I too had it for several years and many miles, but they replaced it without any trouble, so I was VERY impressed with them and will continue to buy their bits. Love them and their service!

cheyenne jones said...

Now that is customer service!!

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

great customer service may have become my highest rated requirement, along with made in the usa!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Horses Are Our Lives said...

that is excellent customer service. You should make a shadow box with the bit, and some of Hank's ribbons, etc. Great memories of great rides together. oh, and a pic of both of you!

allhorsestuff said...

I now have 2 MYLAR bits...and the mare truly does relax in them. They are the level #1 ported straight bars. One just straight and one is a Full cheek.

EXCELLENT customer service!
My two friends that had falls and broke thier helmets(instead of their head) both got sent NEW helmets from Troxel too!

I JUST had my full refund given back to me over the "Cavallo" injury my mare had. The owner of the Co. was very nice and seemingly upset that her product caused my horse some pains..I said, that more research in a lower profile boot= would be a good outcome!

It is always GOOD to highlight true professionalism in GOOD customer service huh!

I agree with someone below..shadowbox your bit infront of a cool picture of your lovely horse!

Good "WHOA"-ING! I was shocked the other day when I jumped and the mare wanted to race after..I said.."AND...she slowed.."WHOA" she was almost stopped! Very nice when They know the words, even if they forget the body language!

To your comment on the dry spots...I took the FRONT PANNEL BLOCKS out and it went away! All the configurations make different sweat i'm finding the best way to ride the new definately looking into getting an " ENLIGHTENED EQUITATION" seat saver. I used one last ride from a stable mate..pretty amazing. But, I already have a nice sheepskin.I think I'd rather have the Bates Leather webbers!
Oh so much fun horse tack to make it comfy for the long hauls..I don;t even come close to endurance like you haul though!

Ride on and ride well!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is awesome! I just bought a new Toklat Coolback pad this morning because I know they have a good reputation, but your situation goes above and beyond. Thanks for sharing.