Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hi Tie Ropes for over head tie systems.

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After years of using over head tie systems I wanted a better, safer rope than what was offered. Flat nylon web ties can leave a nasty cut if a horse does get tangled. Poly ropes tend to leave a rope burn worse than cotton. I wanted a safety release I could get to in a hurry. One I could reach. Not up over my head, and not on the horses halter that may be difficult to grab in an emergency. 

*Adjustable nylon upper section with either velcro attachment for Hi-Ties (Easycare type) or snap to attach to arm for those with rings on end, such as Spring tie.  

*You can adjust height for a range of mounting heights of the over head tie.   

*An "O" ring on bottom of adjustable strap to snap the cotton tie into that is hung at a height people can reach (not 7 to 8' in the air)

* Cotton rope, which will give less change of a rope burn if horse does get caught than flat nylon web ties, or bungee ties. (although rope burns can happen with even the softest rope)

 *A special quick release snap with an florescent orange tab to grab and pull in an emergency to release.  The bright Orange will catch the eye of someone who may happen upon a horse that needs released in an emergency.  This snap is at about 5' off the ground, where you can grab it safely, without trying to get to the head of a horse in a panic, or trying to climb up on your trailer fender to release the tie at the tie arm

 * The  cotton rope has a strong bull snap on the other end to fasten on to the horses halter or neck collar.  I have found bull snaps are one of the few snaps that very rarely get bumped open on a bucket or edge of trailer like some other snap styles

Price: $70 for whole set up/shipped.

I need to know the type of over head tie arm you have (Easycare Hi-Tie, Tilt-Tie, Spring tie etc) , and how high it is mounted from the ground. (attachment ring to ground) I make these to specifications to adjust for YOUR tie. 

I have black rope in stock. Others colors some times available. Just ask.  

I take paypal, or checks. I'm looking for a air of Cloud stirrups if you are interested in trading. 

I ship priority mail. Questions, drop me a note at:

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