Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ahh Hail

A short break from our Colorado adventure to share a weather report. We had a hail storm blow through tonight that was a tad unnerving. Had reports of large hail from the scanner and weather watchers about 5 min. before it started. It was just pea sized hail and rain in the beginning. We stood under the back porch and watched it hit the yard. Horses were no where to be found. Then they came running for the barn across the pasture. The hail hitting them has to hurt! Flag ran under the shelter, but the sound on the roof scares them, and the other 4 would go under the shelter for a moment, then dash back outside. Finally when most of the hail falling was around an inch to two inches, they all stayed under cover. While actually amazing to watch it fall, and bounce as it hit the ground, I was more than happy when it finally stopped. We got an inch of rain in that 20 min storm. Here is a video:

And some photos

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Christine said...

OUCH! Hope horse-ies are okay, ...Need a new roof/windows?! Great pics/videos...