Saturday, May 23, 2009

Red fox and Burger King

Well, day one of the ride is over. Thought I'd do a quick note, without photos, and fill in details later. The area and trails were not what I expected. Not better, or worse, just different. We ride though the Air Force academy. Parts are very wilderness like, including the red fox that dashed in front of me, while other parts are very urban, including riding past the academy gas station and Burger King. We saw all parts of the academy, and it really is lovely. Climbed up to somewhere around 7800' (will check GPS later) and had views to the east of Colorado Springs and beyond. Rode behinds some beautiful large homes, and rode in very remoe areas one would never imagine the "city" was so close.

Hank did really well. Great P&R's, metabolics were good, sound and happy after our 30 miles today. Had a bit of rain on the trail, but the footing was really good for the most part. Watched storms rolling our way, thinking we were going to get dumped on, only to catch just the edge. Not that cold, but not as warm as home! Maybe a high of 60 today. Might be warmer tomorrow.

The photos will tell more of the story. Now, time for bed. Might have to go give Hank a kiss on the nosr first through.

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