Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hand me a wrench

Hank has his recheck on his leg Thursday afternoon. It looks fine, and he seems OK, but I want to have the vet double check things, before we haul 800 miles to our next ride. So, not much to report on Hank until Thursday. I am glad I took him in before there was a serious issue, and hope that the vet does indeed tell me, nothing is wrong, but still, I am a tad worried, which is typical of most horse owners, eh? :-)

So, in the mean time, I will tell you why I sometimes wish I did not own my own tool set, and did not know how to use things like wrenches. Then I could play helpless female, and have the hubby do some of the tasks like the one I did today.

My truck camper is a 1994. I try to keep after any minor repairs, before they become major repairs.I have been sealing things with wire mesh to keep the wasps and mud-daubers out of things, found a few window seals that leaked, and then today I spent a bunch of time seeking new end caps for the awning, so I can get it mounted back on the camper and have some extra shade at rides. Then I picked up a new valve for the holding tank. I have been having a small tiny leak from the black water tank, on to the ground. (for those without RV's, the black tank is the sewage, and the grey tank holds shower water, and sink water) The slider that I pull to open the tank when I dump it at dump stations seemed to be the issue. So, no problem, take out four bolts, pull out the part, replace with new one. Easy, right?

I had dumped/emptied the tank on the way home from the last ride ride. But as I started to work on it today, and pulled the valve open, about a quart of blank tank waste hit the ground, splattering on me. YUCK! Did I mention it is around 100 degrees in Texas this week? It was ripe. So, I grab the hose and wash the stuff off my leg, and from under the truck, and then move the truck back away from the new puddle. *sigh* Now, I start working on those four bolts. But they are stuck pretty good from many years of being on there. I see that if I undo the connection from the grey tank, I can get to things better. Remember, I dumped the tanks already. Ummm, then why when I pulled that connection off, is grey water waste pouring out, at a high rate of speed, all over me, as I am sitting on a stood under the dang thing as I work on it. I can't move quick because of my position, but finally get out of the way. Thank goodness it was grey water, but still stinky, and was really warm from out hot weather. Now all I wanted was a shower, but figured since I was now covered in all kinds of stuff, I might as well keep sweating and get it over with. What should have been a simple, 10 min. job, took about an hour. But, I got it done, and will check the seals tomorrow. All I could really do was laugh as all these things happened, as getting mad was not going to get it done easier.

And last, from the cute photo section. This is a photo of my friend Dollys baby guineas asleep on their perch. She said she had never seen them sleep with their heads down like this.She has 26 babies, and most had their heads hanging down!

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jim said...

Just FYI, there is a rubber O ring that seals the dump valve shaft. When it drys out the handle gets hard to pull and eventually, when you pull hard enough, the whole valve assembly will come out of the housing making quite a mess. A little lubricant (that won't hurt the O ring) on the shaft now and then helps keep 'em working.