Friday, June 26, 2009

More Sweat

Hank had his recheck at the vet Thursday. We were looking at the tendon that had the Ultrasound done, and watching him move again for the hocks. I was to sweat the legs 5 days on, 2 days off, but he was getting some irritation, so I had to cut it short. After Ultrasound, no change in it, and still nothing alarming, but a little "hummm" kind of something showing. (will try to get a copy of the images next visit to post on here) So, we are doing the sweat again, but this time, NO cling/plastic wrap, as our TX heat is most likely the reason for the irritation. It has been REALLY hot and nasty here, around 100, more humid that our usual summer heat. The legs just got to hot. Could just ab out sweat them with just a wrap, and no topical application of anything else! I told the vet I see a little something in Hanks movement when lunging. But, I have a tendency to see things that are not there, than to say "my horse is traveling perfect" as many horse owners do. We did another flex test on that right rear hock, and he took a step and a half a bit short.

So, we decided because of how much push he has on his hand end, and the hard work he has been doing, to go ahead and inject the hocks direct, rather than just the maintenance of the Adaquan / Legend type injections he was getting IV / IM. He said some horses only need injected once, while the average for the hard preforming horses is to be injected every 6 months. It will be interesting to see what kind of change I might see. I'm not to ride him for 3 to 5 days, but he was allowed to go right back out in pasture.

So, we go back in a couple weeks, to do another recheck, and decide on the next ride. When I unwrapped the legs to change the sweats today, it looked much better than when I was using the cling wrap, and he was not acting as irritated by them. No reaching down to scratch the legs with the teeth.

Even though it is about an hour and a half away, I am blessed to have such a wonderful vet facility / surgery center close enough to take the horses. Working on the race horses, and all the cutting horses they see in our area, I feel they are always up on the latest procedures, equipment etc. to take care of hard preforming horses. At one point, as they were doing the Ultrasound, Hank had the head vet siting almost under him on a stool, with three other vets leaning on him, across him, or next to his haunches, all looking at the ultrasound screen. Hank stood there going to sleep, even though he had not been given any kind of drugs. They always comment on what a good boy he is when he comes in.

Now if I could get a shot of what Hank gets to make MY joints feel better! lol

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Tammy said...

I'd like a shot of it, too, to make me feel better. Still nursing a sore tail bone from an unplanned dismount this past winter! Dang frozen ground!

Understand completely when you say you see/feel something is not quite right that others may not see/feel. Glad you are going with your gut.

Thanks for visiting my blog. My Sunday Stills pictures were pretty weak this time! Thought of you when I was trying to capture wildflowers from the saddle last evening (next week's challenge) because I am trying very hard to keep it horse related! Out of 120 pictures, I think I got two that will work!