Thursday, July 15, 2010

California bound

I guess I am as ready as I can be for our adventure out to California for Tevis.  Last couple days were spent checking my packing list over and over, and taking the things I think I will need, or MIGHT need over to Dollys house, and loaded in to her rig.  I have duffel bags everywhere. I took masking tape, and lables all of them with what they were. Clothes, crew bag, horse feed.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself to take all my things I kept in the horse trailer, and narrow it down into a handful of bags.  Now I hope that I can find what ever I need, when I need it.

We went over today to the trailer, and my hubby practiced making some turns in the pasture, backing it up, and getting a basic feel for how it handled. He will be the one driving it from camp at Tevis, back down the mountain as we ride off into the darkness at the start of the ride in just 8 days.   The trailer is a 3 horse with living quaters, mid tack, and MUCH longer and handles different than our 4 horse bumper pull. But he was comfortable with it, and should do fine.

Hank is locked in our small 2 acre field with Flag and Gambler for company tonight. He got a bath, and all the salt and sweat scrubbed off real good for the recent heat and humidity.  In the wee hours of the morning, I will gather him from the field, wrap his legs with standing bandages for the trip, and take him over to Dollys horse. Off load from one horse trailer to the other, and start heading west. Our first over night should be Tucumcari NM, where I have stayed in the past at an RV park with corrals. Going to be a hot trip, and will try to hit the road eary each day to beat some of the heat. We should be in So. CA on Sunday.

We will visit with my friend who I used to work for, and have not seen since Feb. when she came to see me get Hanks awards.  She has finished Tevis 20 times, her husband  11 times , and her daughter 10 times. When she gives me advice on the ride, I listen.  Then head up Tuesday before the ride, and the horses will stay at the farigrounds, with it becoming their home. A couple easy rides out on the trail a bit, and back to the stable will remind them when they get to that section of the trail during the ride, they are slmost to their stall which is bedded, and waiting.

So, time for some sleep, then early wake up, and out 420 mile travel day.


Cheyenne said...

This for me is Tevis by proxy! I look forward to this ride as much as you I think!
Keep us all informed, love to know your ride number, to follow on the Tevis site?

Danielle said...

Good luck! :)

AareneX said...

I'm getting all fluttery just reading about packing for Tevis.

Someday I'll do the ride--in the meantime, vicarious is good. Have fun!!!

Tammy said...

Go, Hank, go! Best of luck to you both!

Merri said...

shoot Hank is doing his heat training by just standing in his paddock.
- The Equestrian Vagabond