Friday, July 23, 2010

Head to Robie Park tomorrow AM

Bright and early we will head up to the ride start at Robie Park near Truckee CA.  We don't like to go up before Friday, because it is dusty, and every thing gets covered in this fine dirt. Beautiful camp area, but with all the cars coming and going etc. it is what we call the dusty-dirty place.  Hank got a bath, and while doing so, the photographer from the Auburn Journal came by, took some photos, and a short interview. Maybe we will be in the paper!

May not have internet to post until after the ride, but you can follow us on the webcast. We are number 98.



Cheyenne said...

Thanks for that! 98! Good luck!

Carol said...

Hi I am new to all of this. Is going up to Robie Park to see the horses take off worth it? Can spectators get close enough to the starting line to get a good view or is it better to go to a different part of the trail?


AareneX said...

Have fun, Hank and Jonni! Getcher buckle!

heather said...

Good luck!

Tammy said...


It's 7:17 AM CT and I just pulled up the Rider query on the Tevis website and specifically checked your number. It says:
"Finish Line Arrived 7/25/10 4:46 am 100"
I am SOO happy for you. Tears of joy on this Sunday morning. What an incredible journey your and Hank have taken over the years and you made it! Give a hug to the most handsome bay gelding in the world & a big pat on the back to you! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Funder said...

Jonni, I'm so glad I got to meet you! Congrats on finishing - you and Hank looked amazing.