Monday, August 9, 2010

The ponies got a new set of wheels

I still need to finish up the after Tevis stuff, but first..............

I got a new (to me) trailer!!!! 2007 Trails West, 3 horse. Drop down windows, mangers withy cool storage under them. Trailer in really wonderful condition. He must not have used it that much, and took good care of it.  Last trailer was a 4 horse, but I used the first stall for hay and feed at rides, and did not haul 4 very often. If I needed to haul 4 in an emergency, I think I get get 4 in it. Hopefully I will not need to test this theory. 

Now, the task of getting it set up for camping at trail rides. This will include attaching my Hi-Ties, bucket holders, hay bag rings, and getting all my stuff in the tack room in an organized manner.

I got a few things done, and others have came to a fast halt.  I got a hook rack on the inside of the back door on the drivers side to hang my cleaning tools where I can grab them easy, but they are out of the way.

The handle on the pooper scooper telescopes. Kind of cool I thought, and cheaper than some of the others.  This was the super easy task.  The part that has given me a little frustration is where to install the Hi - Ties. They need placed along a support beam, and they are all hidden within the "triple wall construction".  My last trailer was single wall construction, so I could see where I was drilling.

I thought I had it figured out, when I looked inside the trailer, and saw these panels where the THREE interior lights were installed.

I figured if I removed that panel, I could see where the support beams were. Just a dozed screws, no problem!

So, I got the panels down, stood up on the step stool to view my support beams and get on with the Hi-Tie instyallation, when I found this..... a solid beam running horizontal where the wires run in a channel, and no view of the trailer wall support beams.  Oh well, now I know the wires are easy to get to!!!

So I gave up on that project for the day, did some rearranging in the tackroom. Took the spare down, and will move it to a better place, and have a place for my second spare. I started hauling two trailer spares some years ago, as I am often miles from any place to get a quick replacement if I blew a tire.  Also moved the blanket / saddle pad rack. Jury still out if I will like it, or if I can do with something that takes up less room.  Moving 12v battery to a better spot too.  Then to figure out what I want to store the extra "stuff" I carry. I had plastic drawers in the last trailer, and they worked well for years, but thinking that I might find something better, and maybe be able to carry less.  At least I can get buckets and a few other things out of the tack, and in to the storage under the mangers!   But I still need to go through things, and put the trailer on a diet.

I did load Hank in the trailer to eat his dinner the other night, but did not take him anywhere.  He loaded right up, but hates the step down for unloading. I'll add a ramp as soon as I can.  I prefer them for climbing in and ut of the trailer, and the horses seem to prefer them too! 



Cheyenne said...

Jealous!!! Green is a better word. Love that trailer. I too take two spare tyres for emergencies, as some of the tracks we go down can be a bit rough. But the trailer, Wonder if the import??????

Funder said...

Oooh, I'm so happy for you! Not jealous at all, just because mangers are invitations for my mare to kill herself. I love seeing people's setups.

Mel said...

Congrats on the new trailer!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous.


Tammy said...

Very nice. When we have looked at trailers at the state fair, my husband said if we made a decision on craftmanship alone, it would be a Trails West. He loves how they are made. Interesting how the bars for the windows are set.

I know I am am going to miss my mangers. Just seemed like I could get so much in there. I love your tack room & laughing about everything you have. Someday (in your spare time) maybe you will blog about the first aid items and necessities you keep for Hank.

Good luck on getting your ramp! I am having ramp loading 101 this weekend & will have ramp loading fools thereafter. When I was putting stuff in my new trailer, my old dog really appreciated the ramp! She can't hop in anymore.

Val said...

Nice "new-used" trailer! I found a similar well-maintained 2-horse BP that I plan on using for local hauling & short trips... [Very roomy horse compartment but small front tack, no hay rack either]
Now if we can ever get our Bardwell trails open again :-(

Merri said...

woohoo! can i borrow it next week?
; )
- The Equestrian Vagabond