Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trailer tackroom

I've been busy getting the new-to-me horse trailer all set up for the upcoming Fall ride season. I had bought my old trailer brand new in 1994, and had it set up how I wanted it for storage, securing hay, water etc. I had my tackroom organized the best I could, to carry all the stuff I needed, and many things I didn't need. All the Hi-Ties, bucket holders, rings to hang hay bags worked well. And being a trailer that was no longer "pretty", I never thought twice about adding a ring, having something welded on etc. to make things work.

But now I had a trailer that was in pretty much brand new condition. And I had things to organize, attach, and holes to drill! (gasp)  So, I slowly started on some of the more simple things, that did not require a lot of holes. The Tackroom needed some things shifted. I did not like where the spare was and not sure about the blanket rack.

I removed the bracket that held the spare in place, so I could shove it further back into the corner, and also, I carry TWO spares for the trailer, and will then place the second one next to it, back out of the way. The old trailer had them under the saddle racks which were in the back corner. Still easy to get to, but not in the way. And after moving the blanket rack once, I decided it just took up too much room, and took it out completely.  The cabinet on the wall that came with the trailer works well for storage of my leg wraps etc. Not something I would have added, but found a use for it.

Next, I had to think about where to put my horse blankets. I always have the best dressed horse, never sure of weather in TX, where we can have warm, rain, or snow. I like to have a few choices. So I found this interesting bag, that I can put a blanket or a couple day sheets in it, and hang it up on the wall, out of the way.

 It has some storage pockets on the outside too, I also put up a blanket bar in the tackroom to hang a blanket, and an additional blanket bar back in the horse compartment, where I can hang blankets during the ride. (wow, how'd I not get a picture of it?)

I also needed to hang my extra girths, and found a nice spot back in the corner. I put a towel behind them to protect them from rubbing the wall. The trailer came with a couple hat storage "racks" mounted up on the ceiling. They are perfect to hang my scoops, sponges etc. up out of the way. I am big on getting things up higher if possible, out of the way. I had rings on the ceiling beams of the last trailer, or even just a zip tie placed around the beam to snap things on to them.

I did not have the same layout to do all my plastic drawers like the last trailer. So I am trying the pocket storage wall hangers that are so popular in trailers these days. I had some, and bought some. Mounted on the inside of the door for the things I grab the most. Brushes, wire cutters etc.  Some are attached by velcro, others have grommets and twist snaps.

I mounted some footmans loops for a few to attach to,
 as I can remove the bag to clean, and then just hook
back up to the footmans loop. They are really hand for
 attaching all kind of things, and even mounted on the
 backs of saddles to attach packs.

I had another one that works great for water bottles, that I hang off the water tank in the tackroom. It is lightweight, but perfect for the bottles, e'lytes and a few other light items. I used the brackets holding the water tank, and added fasteners in through the same screws.
I always take portable saddle racks to the rides, to put the saddle on to clean it, and often easier to saddle and unsaddle from that rack, than the one in the trailer. I added a little adjustable strap to the wall behind the tackroom saddle rack, and the portable rack fits nice against the wall, out of the way.
We also moved the big 12V battery into the corner bench storage area. It was taking up floor space where it had been. But because that is an enclosed metal storage, we wanted to make sure the battery vented. So I did some hole drilling, got some plumbing supplies, and vented the battery out of the battery box, to the outside of the storage area. Also in the storage area are things to change the tire. Out of the way, but quick to get to things.

I think that is about it for the tackroom. Next will be the Hi-Ties, rings etc. on the outside of the trailer, and things in the horse compartment. Hopefully I will be able to find things, since our first ride with the new trailer is this weekend. Everything is all in order, ready to go! Notice I just could not part with ALL of my plastic drawers, but not sure I won't replace it with something else.


Cheyenne said...

Have you got the kitchen sink!....Good god, I would be hauled off by the local Police for overloading my trailer!!!!!

Nice one. very well put together, looks good.

Tammy said...

Very, very nice.

AareneX said...

I love the repurposed "hat hangers"--perfect!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

did the tire go back to the same spot without the holder? could you get 2 tires into that spot? I am always looking for ways to save space and add more bag holders for organization. I've seen the door bags too, and have never had one, but they seem easier to get brushes and items out of rather than small grooming bags on the floor. thanks for the ideas!

Susan said...

Nice job Jonni! Where did you get the blanket bag with the pockets?