Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pony up

Hank has been out in the field doing his own thing for about a week now. This includes lots of grazing, and sometimes a bit of running around with the others. I have been still watching that what goes in, is coming out, and being the horse person I am, when I see him go poop, I go over to take a look at texture and moisture level. :-) The vet said he could go back to light work after a month, so I thought that it was time to start doing a little bit with him. Of course, what is light work to one owner, might be different to another. But I decided that I would start by ponying him some. Yesterday and today, I saddled up Gambler, got the halter and lead on Hank, and we went out in the pasture and trotted a few laps. Not sure how far it is around the 25 acres, but we trotted about 15 min. I figure that is enough for now. Just enough to get the heart pumping a bit, and for him to move and stretch longer than he does when loose in the field. Need to start building up his top line again. He has gained his weight back. Now to get it back in the places it should be.

Thelma always starts out with us, but by the time we loop past the pond, and get back to the house, she has usually had enough. But she does enjoy the tall grass, and will go along and then drop and roll around. Thankfully she was not doing one of those and had us trot up not seeing her, as that can be very exciting when the horses finally see her.

As we finished tonight, the sun was setting, and shining off the tops of the grass, with Hank going along beside Gambler and I, and I could not resist one more picture.

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