Sunday, October 12, 2008

A trail outing

Six weeks after surgery now. Today was time to take Hank for a little outing. He has been moving around the pasture a bunch, and looking really good. Eating well, and getting a tad chubby again. But, weight still low on him, and I am sure that it will take awhile for the topline to build back up as he goes slowly back to work.

I caught Gambler and Hank, and we trailered over to our trails. We had a TON of pleasure riders parked at the trail head. This Fall weather has been pretty nice, and our trail system is one of the most popular in Texas. Even had to search for a parking spot. Reminds me why I usually ride week days, and have the parking and trails almost to myself.

I saddled up, and headed out on Gambler, with Hank in tow. He is one of the easiest horses to pony. Will fall right behind on single track trails, or come up next to me on the two track trails.

We walked along, and he was wanting to stop and graze. He usually is very picky about which grass he will eat, but today when I'd stop, he was not nearly as fussy. Seeing his appetite good on the trail is very encouraging. Hopefully it will carry over when he gets back to being ridden, as I'd like him to eat more than he always has on the trail during the rides. Hank was very cheery (I know I use that term a bunch, but not sure what other word works!) with his ears up, and seemed to be happy to be out there. At one point we were trotting for a short section, and he was starting to pass Gambler in his nice free moving trot, and some grass hanging out of his mouth. Something I was sure looking forward to seeing for the past month.

We were out about 1.5 to 2 hours, and I'd guess we did around 6 miles. I'll keeping ponying him for awhile before I go for a ride on him. The vet said "light work" after a month. Not really sure what light work is for a horse who had been in condition to do long distance rides. I'm feeling cautious enough with him, and hopefully he will let me know if we over did anything.

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