Friday, October 31, 2008

Where the metal meets the trail

After my return to Texas on Tuesday, we had a farrier appointment on Wednesday. It was time to get Hanks shoes back on, as we were going back to work. We meet the farrier at a friends place, as it is a nice set up, and he just does not drive over into our area. It is worth the 30 min. drive to have him do their feet, as her does a great job. Just took Hank and Gambler, as the other two are not wearing shoes, and I can keep up with their feet. Hank as usual, stands really nice in the cross ties as he gets his feet done, so I don't have to hold him.

Gambler needs held, and talked to, as he is just odd, and worries about everything going on, especially the horses in the barn if they look at him wrong. But he was good, and before we knew it, we were heading home with them.

The next afternoon, we caught the boys and headed over to the trails. It was late afternoon, and just a beautiful day. Our Fall weather has been spectacular for the most part. Thelma convinced us she really wanted to do to, although she gets tired pretty quick, and really does not like the horses. But, she gave us those brown sad eyes, and hubby gave in. The surgery was 2 months ago, and Hank has been doing super. The vet told me he could go back to "light" work 30 days after surgery, but I decided to wait for 60 before we started riding him again. We mounted up, and headed out for a short loop on the trails, Thelma actually got out in front of us briefly, but that never does last long, before she is tagging behind.

We took turns leading the way. Gambler prefers to follow, but does not fuss at being out front. Just would prefer to stick his nose behind Hank, and tag along. Our fall colors are just starting to change. Will not be a super pretty year, but still nice to have trees that change with the seasons.

Hank was acting like his normal self. Looking at everything, Checking out every little dip and stick in the trail. We trotted a little, and he was more than willing to do so. Sure was nice to be back on MY horse. Gambler is OK, but Hank is my guy.

We did our small loop, and enjoyed the quiet of the late afternoon. We did spook up a Doe and a Buck, who crossed the trail in front of us. I was surprised, as they usually "know" when hunting season is close, and are then hard to see. But the best part of the ride, was watching the sun get low on the horizon, and be able to look between Hanks ears and watch the sun lower in the distance. I had been missing looking between those ears! Hopefully I will be able to do so for many years to come.


Ristyz said...

Yay for Hank!

Akasha said...

Gorgeous view... congrats on being on your boy again. :)

Ice Pony Goddess said...

Yahoo! Great news! Hank ...we're so happy to see you out on trail again. Good job!

Karen said...

Do you need any boots for him? I can send you some as long as you don't mind them being used :)