Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you don't like the weather, wait a day

In the past week/ week and a half, Hank and I have hit the trails a few times. Each time we have gone out, I have been asking a little more of him, to see if he seems 100%. What had been the 4-6 mile walks with a little trotting, is now about 10-12 miles, with more trotting. Texas weather is always unpredictable, and one day it can be windy and in the lower 40's, and then the next, a day like today that is in the mid 70's, and darn near perfect for riding. Hubby and I rode last week, and had a lovely ride over some of our more remote "non-official" deer/cattle paths.

It was very peaceful out in the late afternoon with perfect fall weather. Saw a couple Armadillos, but no other wildlife that day. Tried to get a photo, but it saw Hank, did the famous "jump in the air and RUN" maneuver, and we were not able to keep up with it. Well, we did have one other critter, but not wildlife. One of the bulls that is on a grazing lease out there was along one of the trails.

Then, Saturday, Hank and I went out in the cold and wind for a couple hours, and then again Sunday, which was much nicer, warm, no wind for a couple more hours. All seems to be going well. He is perky, ears up, and willing to do what ever I am asking of him. Feeling pretty much like he did before the surgery. So we did about 30-35 miles over 4 days.

I do ride a lot by myself, and wanted to make sure before we started back riding with my friend Dolly, that he was up to the distance we usually would ride together. Today was our first ride with Dolly since before the surgery. I think he was happy to have Sparq along. I bet he was tired of listening to me sing since I play the ipod when I ride alone. Did I mention how nice the weather was today? What a pretty, pretty day. Warm, no wind. Thankfully Hank is not as fuzzy as Gambler is, or he would have been a sweaty mess. Gambler has a coat like a Yak. Maybe hubby can take him out with me later this week, as he has some time off before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow it is to be cold and windy again.

Here is a recent body shot of Hank after he got a bath this week!

Oh, on a non-horse note, our friend called us tonight, to tell us to look up at the sky at a certain time, and we saw the space station and space shuttle zipping across the sky. Well, it just looked like a huge bright star, but it was darn cool!

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