Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for many things, but one is the fact I have Hank with me today, and was able to take him for a ride.

Met up with some friends who came to our local trails to camp for the weekend. Patti has ridden the trails during NATRC rides, but her hubby had not been here before. We headed out on the while loop, which is about 13 miles. Hank seemed to enjoy having horses along, even if they did not know them. Patti was on a newer horse that she got a couple months ago. Nice Arab / Saddlebred cross. He has not been many places, but was doing very well out on trails he had never seen. One of the pastures near the trail has Llamas, donkeys, and various cattle, including Longhorns, and a big pretty grey Brahma. We stopped to check them out, and some came over to the fence. The horses were very fascinated, and just did not know what to make of the Llama, but all went up to check it out closer, even sniffing noses. Made for some great photos.

The fall colors are still very pretty in some sections of the Grasslands, with the trees still clinging on to those leaves for a tad longer. It won't be much longer, and they will all be on the ground, and the signs of winter will be setting in. But for now, we will enjoy the fall colors a little longer.

Oh, and I came around a corner at a trot, and about 15 turkeys were in the middle of the trail, and all took flight as they saw us. Missed that photo. Oh well.....

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