Thursday, December 25, 2008

we've been riding

Happy Holidays to all !! The weather the past couple weeks has been everything to single digit wind chill some nights, to almost 70 the past couple days.I really keep an eye on the horses when we get those fast temperature swings, as I worry about bouts of colic.( Not that I'm paranoid or anything) So far, none of the horses have indicated any upset tummy's. During the warmer days, hubby and I have been able to get the horses out on the trails some. We have done everything from exploring some of the old trails that are part of the original trail system, to moving out along the regular "wide" trails. Played a little bit with some log jumping, or should I say log "hopping", and climbing up and down some of our eroded areas. This has been the busy time of year when hubby worked Monday Night Football, it has been hard to find time for him to go riding with me. But, football season over for the most part, so we are taking advantage of him being home, and the Texas weather being reasonable. Of course, both can change with little notice.

So, now some of the many photos we have been snapping on the trail and otherwise.

Hank shares the trough on the trail with some of the cattle

Stirrups just about drag on each side, with the old trail washed out so deep, it is above our heads

Gee Hank, think you can fit?

Hank and I down the old washed out trail

Gambler will go about anywhere we ask him. Not always graceful looking, but surefooted.

Gambler is not much of a jumper, and is more of a step and hopper.

Hank would be a cute jumper if anyone would be brave enough to do so!

This is what hubby does. Connets the wires, keeps everything working. Pretty simple, huh?

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Tammy said...

Looks like a great place to ride. Are these public trails?

I read your post on Gamble's breeding but didn't see any on Hank (maybe missed it?) Curious about his history, as well.

Glad he is doing so well for you!