Monday, December 1, 2008

Warm and Fuzzy

I was fussing in the camper again today, and walked in to find I had a helper. Coony (a Maine Coon cross) decided to look in to what I had been doing in there, and was checking things out.

We have always thought it would be fun to have a cat that traveled with us, but not sure he would be as excited about hanging out in the camper if it was traveling down the road. As I was cleaning and fussing around in the camper, I got that wanderlust feeling. I'm ready for a road trip and some camping. The longest I spent on the road in the camper was 10 weeks. We have had some wonderful memories of places visited with it, so it kind of gives me warm fuzzy feelings just sitting in there. Coony is warm and fuzzy too.

I have been trying to make up my mind of Hank was ready to go to the upcoming NATRC competitive ride this coming weekend. It has been 90 days since the surgery. We have been doing more and more miles on the trail, and he has seemed to be conditioning "normal". I think the fact the surgery was done to a horse that was pretty fit, and the fact it was not as serious as some colic surgeries, where horses have infections and internal sutures etc. from parts of the intestines etc. being compromised has helped Hank do as well as he has been doing. But still, I have had doubts as to his readiness for the ride. Nothing to do with how he is doing, just me being a worry wart. I called the vet today, to ask their opinion about taking him to the ride. I'd have taken him down there to be checked out, IF they thought there was anything they could check. I mean, what DO you check? Gut sounds? They sound fine. Maybe a blood work, but was not sure that would tell us anything. So, after talking to the receptionist for a few min., she put me on hold to talk to the vet. She came back on and said "Dr. Williams said have fun". So. I sent my entry in today. The ride is only 90 miles from home, so the trailer ride is not that bad. My feelings are, I will watch him close. and any sign he is not up to the task, we can pull. But my guess is, he is in better shape than I am . He looks so cheerful out in the field. Wonder if he knows what's being planned.

Now to finsh prepping the camper and the trailer for the ride. I bet I have more help from the cat.

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