Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring is in the air

Well goodness, I have been slacking in my blog duties. After having that little taste of winter with some ice, the weather has actually been pretty nice here in Texas. Overall, our winter has been mild and a little warmer than normal. I do expect at least one more good blast of winter weather before springtime heads our way. Tonight we had some thunderstorms, wind and rain. Some areas got hail, but thankfully not us this time. But as I type this, the wind is starting to howl.

I had concerns on Flag, as thunderstorms are not all that common in So. California, and I was just not sure what his opinion of the situation, heavy rain, and loud thunder would be. But I looked out to the barn during the worse part, and he was standing under the shelter, high and dry. Later after the storm passed, I checked on he and the others, and he had already rolled in the mud. But I was smart, and had a blanket on him to keep him warm, dry, and clean.

Hubby was home for most of a week, and we got in some excellent ride time. Last weekend we took Flag and Hank out for about 16 miles over on the local trails, then the following day hauled to a Greenbelt trail about 35 miles away, and rode down to one end and then turned around and headed back. Put in another 18 miles. It was a great day, and I know hubby enjoyed some new trails, and Flag was on excellent behaviour. We worked on him being left behind as Hank went on ahead, moving out at a good trot next to Hank, and then being asked to stop quick as Hank keeps going, and walking and relaxing on a loose rein. He he did very well, and hopefully it will help his brain stay focused at the first ride we are going to do.

Flag posing with the flags!

Hank is doing really well. he got a bit fat, and his topline is not back to pre-surgery, but I think now that we are slowly bringing up his work load, he will get those muscles back to how he had been last summer. His eye has been acting up off and on. The wind sets it off the most, so I try to keep a fly mask on him when it is really windy, to keep debris from blowing in to it some. His next competitive ride will be next month. I will continue to just do each ride, and then analyze how things are going, and then plan for the next one. I still have a cautious feeling in side, that I don't want to ask too much of him, even thought I think he is ready to do some 50 mile endurance rides if I wanted to with him.

Hank getting a drink out of lake. I often get off when footing is questionable, and you can see that was a plan, as he sunk!

Hank ad I posing in front of Lantana. An Inn at the end of the Greenbelt trail on Lake Ray Roberts. Next time, we will stop and eat lunch before heading back to the trailhead!


Tracey said...

You've absolutely GOT to eat lunch at that lodge sometime...VERY YUMMY and if they do not have all the stalls in the barn filled (rarely do) they'll let you put your ponies in there while you are inside eating and they have water buckets for them...very cool.

~ C said...

Wow girl! You're looking great! Hope things go well at Flag's first ride this weekend. Looking forward to your post.

~ C

Tammy said...

ENjoyed catching up on your blog. Sounds like you have had some decent weather this winter.