Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Ice baby

We had some freezing rain fall that then changed to sleet last night. It was hitting the bedroom window making that tappity tap noise. I really expected it to be a lose worse when I headed out this morning to check the horses. But it was bright, sunny, and although it was only about 23 to 26 degrees, it felt like it was in the 40's. I unblanketed the horses, and Hank enjoyed a good roll in the mud. Here are a few photos from today

Icy fence post.

Glad I did not want or need to go anywhere, as that driveway was pretty much solid sleet / ice.

You can see the ice around the edge of the trough after I broke it, and scooped it out as Rockhe gets a drink

Gambler with not as much ice on him as expected, since the othr horses are mean, and would not share shelter with him last night.

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