Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oh deer, lets go to Colorado

The other day, I looked out towards the barn, and saw a deer standing there. Deer around the property is not unusual, but seeing one so close to the barn is. Oh, that horse trailer was my birthday present in 1974. We don't haul horses in it anymore, but it is still pretty sound!

Then the deer headed out into the pasture, and Flag went to check her out.

I guess I need gto find another saddlebag/blog camera. I can no longer adjust the density of the photos, and some are just tooooo dark. :-(

Today Hank had another check up at the vet to get the yes or no as to heading to the next NATRC ride, which is near Durango Colorado the 11th and 12th. I wanted to make sure he was 100%, as I have been told this ride is one of the tougher rides. So, the vet did another ultrasound, and the little blip he had seen, was fine, and we got the thumbs up. So, Tuesday, we (Hank, Thelma and I) start our 800 mile trek to the Purgatory Ride. Our weather here in Texas has been pretty dang hot, so prepping the rig has been such a joy. NOT! But the weather outlook for the ride is high 80's to low 90's during the day, and around 50 at night. But of course we will have to drive across TX and NM through the heat to start heading north to cooler weather. I have wanted to ride this ride since hearing about it a couple years ago. It just always sounded like a pretty ride, and being told it was tough by riders from Colorado made me want to take on the challenge even more.

And the last photo is Hank from a sunset the other night.

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