Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's not winter in Nebraska, but odd for Texas

While we no where came close to the snow our friends up north have experianced, it is still amazing that it is sticking around for more than a day.

Day after Christams in the pasture

RJ in a hurry to get back to the porch

Our driveway

Our road to town. The drifting is what made it deeper than the pasture


zach_rabow said...

WOW! You have a decent amount of snow! lol, the picture of your cat is just to funny :)

Its snowing here. Again. Right as it was starting to melt off we get more :(

Danielle said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I love all the horses having fun. Mardi has gotten so big!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!


AareneX said...

Thank you SO much for keeping all the snow at your place. It's pretty, it's entertaining, and best of all, it's not HERE!

Happy Holidays!

Tammy in TX said...

I love the picture of RJ. LOL What an action shot!

Tammy said...

I'm surprised, too, that it has stuck around as long as it has. You southerners have been having an interesting winter, too. A friend went home to (somewhere in) Texas for the holidays & took her horse with her. She emailed that they are expecting snow where she is at! She did get a couple nice days of riding.

Merri said...

haha - great kitty picture!

we got a wee bit of snow in Owyhee too! and more on the way I hope.
- The Equestrian Vagabond