Monday, December 14, 2009

The weather rollercoaster

Sunday afternoon, I took the horses out. I decided to ride Flag, and pony Hank. The weather was picture perfect. Warm sunny and clear. I'd say it was about 70 degrees while we were riding. I pushed the boys to move out for a quick loop of ab out 8 or 9 miles. Flag broke a sweat. Enough so, I actually got my handy dandy spounge off the saddle to wet him from a puddle.  He was cheerful as always, and Hank was more than happy to trot along beside him. Lots of riders out on the trail, enjoying the unseasonally warm day.

Then Monday it was again another warm day. I caught the boys, and was planning to head over for another ride, but after looking at the mud, left over sweat, and gunk on them, I decided that a bath might be in order.  Who knows, might be my last chance to clean them up really well until Spring. I don't mind them dirty if they are not doing anything, but hate the dirt, sweat and gunk when they sweat on a ride, than then always seems to end up as a rub or sore under the tack. So, tied them up, and got the hose out.

Did a quick wash job, just to get the main nasty stuff off them. Flag summed up his feelings on the process with a look on his face that told the story.

After they were dry, which did not take all that long, I let them head back out to the pasture. I found Hank down by the pond later, and decided to snap a picture of him in the sunshine.

All the critters seemed to be enjoying the sunshine. I bet they knew to take advantage of it while it was nice out.

Look how big Mardi is getting!

As the sun started to head on down towards a sunset, the winds shifted, and started coming in from the north. I could feel the tempatures dropping, and knew that cold front was heading on in. Walking back from the barn, I saw we had our little herd of deer that frequent our area grazing down below the house. I grabbed the camera, and found a shot that included Coony, the cat, with the deer in the background. You can see his hair blowing in the wind.

As I type this, our tempature has dropped over 40 degrees since I was out giving horses baths this afternoon. Oh, and I added a little weather gadget to my blog, so you can see how cold, or maybe warm it is here at our house! Tomorrow is to be a high in the 40's, which I know some of the bloggers I read would LOVE a warm day like that!

If you don't like the weather here, wait a day or so..or maybe even an hour, and it will change.


AareneX said...

Here in the Swamplands, we say "if you don't like the weather, wait a few MINUTES." The past week of unrelenting fruzcold was a real strain for my attention span, lemme tellya.

But now we're back to 40 degrees F and rain, hooray! So, basically, you and I have the same weather...for a few minutes....!

Tammy said...

I saw you mentioned on the CTR list that you had another nice day! I want some of what you are having!

After tomorrow, I am off for a couple weeks. Pulled my trailer out of the snow so it is ready. Going to put my big girl pants on and ride somewhere.... anywhere!!