Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is that white stuff all over the ground?

Weatherman said we'd have some snow mixed in the rain, and nothing would stick. Oops!

Some crappy photos, but you get the idea of how much we got.

Our Roses are SO very confused this season, and just bloomed again last week, to get covered in snow!

The view below the house into the pasture.

Mardi in her first snow. She hardly noticed.

She and Thelma ran and played like normal

She is getting so big!

Hank and Toby.

Funny to see Hank rear to play with the old man.

And Gambler, who was the one who HATED Flag in the beginning, and has always been timid. Looking very stunning in his macho pose.


Horses Are Our Lives said...

You did get snow! The rain missed us here. This morning is a chilly 20's.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling better since Finny died. Thanks for talking to me through the blog and emails!

AareneX said...

I like looking at PICTURES of that white stuff. Very pretty.

You can keep it, though. Don't send any to us, we prefer the kind of weather that doesn't require shoveling!