Thursday, January 8, 2009

The new sports car

Flag had a bath today, so now y'all can "meet" him. He is a handsome guy. 15 hands, true black and white. Mostly Egyptian Arab, born in Montana.

We trailered over to the trails today, for our first ride since Flags arrival. He and hubby led the way. Flag likes to go. Trying to school him to walk nice and quiet is not what he needs right now. That will come later. He needed to stretch his legs, and move out. It is often difficult to decide if a horse is one that is uppity and nervous and wants to go because of manners, pain related to tack/saddle fit etc., or just one of those who has a high energy level, and needs to work. Right now, Flag seems to just need to work. After we moved out for 1-2 miles, he came down to a nice walk. Hank, who has an awesome walk, was kind of pokey today, and watched as Flag left him in the dust. Thankfully, Flag is not unfit, and is probably ready to go do an endurance ride already. He had been worked in the hills in So. CA, so is no stranger to good work outs.

Hubby had a ton of fun riding him, as the horse is kind of like driving a sports car. Point him where you want to go, and be ready for him to do it quick! He is very handy and athletic. Seems to not fear anything, and had no issues with different footing etc. I am hopeful that they will indeed be a very good match. So far, so good. Don't think hubby has had this much fun riding in a long time. Maybe since he lost his mare about a decade ago. We get to go again tomorrow, while the weather is nice!

Heading down the trail!

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Tammy said...

What a beautiful horse & rightly named with a tail like that! Gorgeous! How old is he?

Looks like a great day to be riding, too!