Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter riding in T shirts

The weather in No. Texas has been kind to us. We got in 3 or 4 days of riding in a row the end of last week, in to the weekend. There was a "virtual endurance ride" through the on line It is kind of a fun concept. Ride your horses, on your local trails, but carry your GPS. Then, when you get back home, download your ride info tracks into a site called . It then makes a little map where you rode, and tells the time you started, stopped, and time on trail etc. Anyway, you then fill out an on line "vet card", with mileage. At the end of the ride, which this time was 4 day, we get to compare who rode the most miles. Some used multiple horses. I just rode Hank, as hubby rode Flag. We logged just shy of 40 miles, in three days of riding. I think we finished in 5th place. Although those with higher mileages used multiple horses to do so. Hank was feeling like he was back to normal.

a small issue we have had, is that Hank had a bump just off his spine. Maybe an old tick bite. He had a small rise to it, and the saddle pad was rubbing it. We finally went to the vet, to have it looked at, along with his eye, which was running again. They injected the bump, and said it should go down. He is getting medication in the eye again. It seems like this will be something we will have to deal with constantly. after strong winds it really flares up.

Flag is doing well here at his new home. He has learned to eat beet pulp mashes, and I think we finally found a horse cookie / treat he likes. They are carrot flavored. He turns up his nose at all the others we have tried. When we go to ride, and load him in the trailer, he jumps in like he has been going places all his life. When in reality we thought he had only really been trailered once as a weanling when he was moved from Montana to California. I think he just likes to go to the trails. Hank is still looking at Flag with disgust. I am sure he is wondering WHY he is here. I keep telling him he is still our number one boy.

Going to enjoy some almost 80 degree weather tomorrow, before our next cold front blows in, and takes us back to temps near freezing. Enjoy it while we can!

Only one photo this time, or an Armadillo we saw while riding. They are such funny little critters, that will jump straight up in the air when scared.

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Tammy said...

What a great idea with the GPS rides. Wish more people I ride with used GPSs just for that exercise!