Monday, January 26, 2009

No T-shirt weather THIS week

Now I told y'all that the weather would likely change. That is just how it works here in No. Texas. Every winter, we will get those teaser days, that are warm, sunny, and perfect, to remind us, that spring and summer is just around the corner. But I ask WHY do we never get some of that cold weather in the middle of July or Aug., when we are sweltering in triple digits, wondering if it will ever end, and if we will ever feel that cold wind again.

So, this week has started off with more typical winter weather. They are expecting that we will have some freezing rain/ ice/ yucky cold stuff falling in our area. Just four days ago it was 80 degrees. Today it never broke freezing here at our place, with a wind chill in the 20's at times. We had a cold fog all across the area.

Now I try to just let the horses be horses, but now that our numbers are back to five, I will admit I fret about the fact I only have 4 shelter/stall areas. Two 12x12 off the side of the barn, and one large 20x12 that two, even three can stand in. But it seems they get cranky with each other, and will not allow another to stand with them, out of the weather. So I put up a divider in the large stall, splitting in to two, and Hank gets one side, and Gambler the other. Then I gave Flag one of the 12x12's, and Rockhe and Toby are to share the last. But when I went out, Toby was in the rain, Rockhe was bone dry. Toby had a tiny shiver starting, so I put one of the canvas blankets on him. Hank, Gambler and Flag already had their jammies on. I know, I know, you who don't blanket can laugh. But it makes ME fel better. :-) They were all toasty warm when I checked on them before bed time. By tomorrow evening, I bet Toby will have ice hanging in his mane.

I am glad I got in a ride Sunday. It was almost 50 degrees, and I took Flag out to the trails. When we were all done, we had ridden 21.6 miles. He never got tired, and was cheerful, and just a joy to ride. He would love to go as fast as he could if he had a choice in the matter. But we kept it controlled. Hardly anyone else out on the trails, and they missed a great day. Especially since this wintery mix has moved in.

No photos today. I'll try to get some if we get the ice storm. Hope I don't have to go to town. With the news telling us all about the "ice storm", I bet Wal-Mart is out of bottled water, bread, and milk. 9if you live where storms blow through, this will make sense!)


Sara Anderson's Blog said...

I know a nice couple from Utah that would gladly come and build a shed for poor, little cold wet Toby......

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

50 degrees~!! That's bathing suit weather! HAHA! It was -16 on the Pony Pasture weather gauge this morning. Brrr!!!

Send me some Texas heat!