Monday, September 7, 2009

Head East cowgirl

Hank and I leave in the AM to head to the ride in TN. I decided to take Flag along, to keep Hank company on the road. At at the ride, Flag does not care when Hank leaves him in camp. Flag seems to really enjoy traveling. Such a funny / quirky horse.

We have to get out health cert in the AM, on the way out of town. Forgot thr vet was closed today. But, did get Hanks new shoes!

He is looking good, and seems ready to hit the trail again. Hopefully I can shoot pix of some interesting stuff on this trip, Going where I have never gone before!

Thelma is ready to take her position in the back seat . She followed me around as I was packing tonight, making sure I did not forget her,

Silly dog

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