Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where's Hank?

Wow, I feel like that Where's Waldo thing. We left TX on Wednesday mid
morning, and headed to our over night spot in Tucumcari NM. About 375 or
so miles. An RV park there has corrals, and we stayed there once before.
After a good nights rest, we finished our drive to the camp of the
Chokecherry NATRC ride near Farmington NM. Todays drive was just under
400 miles I think. Camp is at The Cumberworths place, and I am parked in
the arena. I was able to let the boys loose to roll in the dirt, and
move around a bit before they were put on their Hi-Ties, and fed
dinner. A pretty sunny day, and I was told it may be in the 80's for
the weekend. But this is a dry heat as compared to the recent rides, so
80 will be easy to deal with! No big horse flys, no chiggers, and very
few, if any Skeeters! Whoo Hoo! I could do with a fairly bug free ride.
My internet is slow, and on the minimal service, but if I have time, I
will try to post during the weekend.

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