Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ride The Edge day Two

Sunday dawned clear. We had an early mounted trot for the vet at 6AM, for another 6:30AM ride out.

Todays trail gave us more lovely views as we headed a different direction from yesterdays trail. Hard to believe this is all private property.

Our first P&R went fine. As we left, the horsemanship judge wanted to have us do an obstacle. Bet you can’t guess what it was! Yep, back between two trees. But, the vet was watching too. Gee, think this is gonna get better if we keep asking the horse to do it? Nope…. So we have homework again, not that it will make a difference in Hanks mind. Lol Now it was time to head towards the climb I had heard about. I was out front, riding alone, which is our favorite place to be. The trail started a decent down, down, down. The walls of the mountain were looming above us with the tall rock walls.

Past an old mine

Then it opened up into a valley with beautiful little cabin.

After Hank drank from the spring behind the cabin, we headed across the meadow, and then started the climb up the other side. Up, Up, Up we went. This is our kind of trail. Rocks and climbs!

We got to the top, and could look down and see the little cabin which was just a speck off in the distance.

We had a couple mile loop up top, before our P&R. Again, no points lost! Hoping we are back to normal for his pulse checks. As we left the P&R, we had a mount for the judges, from the off side. After a long weekend of riding, this tested those who were feeling the miles of the weekend. Now we were on the home stretch, heading back to camp. We ran into the team of mules and the wagon again. Glad they did not go through the P&R area when I was there!

We finished up, and did our check out, and metabolic check for the day. Hank was again fine, and moved out so nice at the end, his Movement, Attitude and Willingness went up. So, no points lost all weekend for condition or soundness, but his obstacles (backing between trees) cost him. He ended up placing 5th in the class of 8 or 9 horses. I was hoping for a 4th or better.

Now off to Oklahoma…….

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