Monday, February 15, 2010

Arabian horse Gallery / KY Horse Park

The Arabian Horse Trust is creating The Arabian Horse Galleries at the Kentucky Horse Park.  It will be a "museum" of the Arabian horse and it's place in the world and in our country.  Since the Kentucky Horse Park is the premier site for information and displays about all horses, plus a venue for many international equine events, the Arabian exhibits are very important.  There will be a section devoted to distance riding, and the directors of the galleries are well aware that Arabians do this better than any other breed.  As one might guess, they have received no contributions from the distance riding community.  It's time we change that so the Arabian horse community knows how much we all use and value our Arabians.

Info on the Galleries:

Contributions in any amount are needed.  Those of $1,000 or more come with recognition on the permanent Donor Wall.  That dedication can be your name, a favorite horse, or in memory.  Donations can be made by check to THE ARABIAN HORSE TRUST or by credit card online.

Here is the address contact for the Arabian Horse Trust:

 at the Kentucky Horse Park
c/o The Arabian Horse Trust
99 University Avenue SW
Atlanta, GA 30315

Link to donate

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