Thursday, February 11, 2010

Records were broken!

I have neglected the blog. Mostly it was sort of a time off for me. It is winter, I have not been doing a lot with Hank and the other horses, and I am really not one to post about things like "what I did today, what I watched on TV, or what I had for dinner" Just not thing I find interesting, and figured most folks wouldn't either. Now, the WEATHER is never a dull subject to me. I do enjoy looking a photos from others when they have a blizzard, or serious rain and mud, or even beautiful sunny days. Love those cloud photos, and other things weather related. This year has sure had a good amount of weather to talk about. Today, it is my turn, then I'll do another post on what else I have been up to.

We can get snow here in No. Texas, but usually very little, a dusting, maybe a few inches that will melt off the next day. Christmas gave us a bunch of snow that blew in, caused drifts, and lasted for weeks in some ditches.  Today we set records. Seems today was the highest snow fall in one day for the area in 100-something years. I measured 9" with my ruler in the yard around 5PM, and it is to keep falling until after midnight. I'd guess we will stop with about 10 to 11" when all done.  The horses have been gathered around their round bale all day, their blankets have kept them dry, and the dogs have not ventured out for long, before heading back to their warm beds.

We will enjoy the spectacular beauty of it until it all melts again, and turns to that nasty, sloppy snow-mud. Much worse than rain-mud!


Danielle said...

Snow is soooo pretty. That said, I've about seen enough of it for the season. I hope you enjoy it! The horses seem too!

Merri said...

Yea - my niece in Ft Worth was making me jealous with pix of 10" at her house!!
very pretty pictures.
- The Equestrian Vagabond