Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hank is a traffic stopper

Well, he can stop the truck anyway. We have created a bad habit, by often giving them treats (peppermints) from the truck. Makes it easy to check them over when they are towards the front of the pasture and we are heading down the driveway. Just stop, and call them over. But Hank will walk in front of the truck to stop it.

Then, he will come around to the drivers window, and wait. When you roll the window down, he thinks he needs to help FIND that peppermint. Toby helps.

Oh, and I forgot to add in the previous post. 15,000 miles ends up to be about 300 HOURS for Hank to be on the road in the trailer. It usually works out on log hauls, that with fuel, food etc. stops, that it takes me 2 hours for every 100 miles. If the destination is 300 miles away, I give it 6 hours to get there. 400 miles? 8 hours...

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lynncoffey said...

loved your post and love for animals im new to this cant wait to post some of my yorkie