Thursday, November 5, 2009

puppy and kitten addition

Thelma is getting older. She turned 9 this year, and is starting to slow down a bit. She is a big dog, who has topped out at 80 pounds. The breed standard for Catahoula dogs is not that big for a female, but she is stout. He job on our little farm is to protect. And her main protection is of the cats when they are outside during the day, from coyotes. She does this VERY well, and adores the cats, and they adore her. But, she will not be with us forever, so we knew it was time to start another puppy to learn the ropes. We decided to seek another Catahoula female puppy. When we got Thelma, she was just 5 weeks old.

She was raised with the cats, and Peanut made sure to show her some love, and in turn, she loved them back.

So, we found one through a woman who does some pet rescue, and went and looked at her today. Already 9 weeks old, and very full of herself. But, she seemed to be what we were after, so we said we would love to take her home. As we were doing paperwork, I went in the "cat room", to see the one kity she had up for adoption. She said she had him for a while, and no one came to look at him yet. Well, he worked me good. He did ALL the cute things that kittens can do, rolling on his back, playing with a toy, peeking out around the corner in his cage. Before I knew it, she said she would "throw him in on the deal" if we wanted him. My goodness, we already have 11 cats. 9 outside, 2 inside. But the kitten was sharp, kept with the cute stuff, and before we could say "we already have too many cats", he was in a carrier, and headed home with us along with the new puppy. He has extra toes on his front feet, is a yellow tabby, and has the loudest purr ever. He will be a house cat too.

So, we have not settled on names, but here is the new puppy:

and here is the new kitten:


Danielle said...

I love the puppy! She's gorgeous!

And the kitten .... I have a soft spot in my heart for polydactyl kitties and orange male kitties. So congratulations - you just found my dream cat (not that my husband would ever agree to another cat!). :)

I'm sure they're going to keep you busy. Congratulations! :)

Tammy said...

How fun! Nothing like a new puppy. Our puppy is 11 months old now. He's a saint and every bit a giant. He has his own kitty. During the day the cat sleeps on Bo's stomach. At night, he is usually cuddled under him somewhere. Love the cat/dog combo!