Monday, November 23, 2009

little road trip

Hubby was home for a few days, so we decided to go camp some place and ride some trails he had not seen before. After checking weather forecast for different areas, we decided that Lake Carl Blackwell, near Stillwater OK had some decent weather. The campground has electric spots, and I know the trails, along with them being marked.

So, stuck the camper back on the truck, loaded a bale of hay, the horses, and now TWO dogs in the back seat and headed north. Arrived mid day, quickly set up camp, then headed out for a 10 mile ride before it got dark. I had mentioned this area has a LOT of deer, and I have always seen some when I have ridden there, even when in a group. Well, they did not fail me, and we were on the trail only about 5 min. before three busted out of the woods in front of us. Later, we had a Doe stop as she saw us, and hubby was only about 30' from her as I snapped a photo.

We finished up the loop, got back to camp, made dinner, and gave Mardi (the puppy) her first lesson in being tied in camp. She did very well, did not fuss and fight the rope like some pups do, and seemed to look towards Thelma for guidance. It is amazing to see how cheerful Thelma is, and so willing to roll, tumble and play with Mardi.

The next morning we headed out to do about 18-20 miles. I have to laugh at Hank, as he remembers trails he has been on before really well. And going through the woods where the trail would twist and turn, I would give him the reins, and he never missed a turn. If I ever got lost on trail, I would sure trust him to find his way back to the trailer.

One spot of the trail passes a house that has some Llamas that live there. Often they get irritated by the horses, and will charge the fence. So, when we arrived, we stopped to check them out, as one had a youngster at her side. She came to the fence in a hurry, but our two don't really care about Llamas, and just stood there. Again, I managed a picture of more "wildlife" along the trail.

We had a great ride along the lake, and even set up the camera on the timer to get a pic of BOTH of us riding.

Hubby and Flag both had a great time. Hopefully we will be able to do this more often this coming year when he has time off at home.

We then packed up, got the dogs situated in the back seat, and headed home.

When Mardi is full grown, I hope they will both fit back there!

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Tracey said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Can't believe you got pics of the Llamas...Amira HATES those things! Even if they are not out she remembers that is where they live when we ride there and is in quite a hurry to move on down the trail.

I love those trails, but have not had the chance to go up there and just pleasure ride there...might have to do that sometime in the next year.