Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sunshine, riding and a buffet!

Ahhh, Thanksgiving in No. Texas. Where the weather can be about anything. Today was one of those days we kept saying "What month is this?" It was mid 60's, clear, no wind, and just beautiful. We decided to do something new and different to celebrate the holiday. In the past, we have cooked, but with just the two of us, it was not making much sense. We have done buffets, we have gone riding, but this year, we got to combine the two.

Just 40 miles from us is a Greenbelt trail that runs along one of the local lakes. It is run by the state, and they have nice parking areas, even campgrounds with corrals. We have ridden here before. The trail is an "out and back", with the far end of it at Lantana Lodge. Come to find out, they offered Thanksgiving Buffet! So, yesterday I made reservations for the early brunch.

Gathered Hank and Flag this morning, loaded up, and headed on over. What a pretty, pretty day. We had a relaxed ride with the trail to ourselves. Well, with the exception of the two feral pigs that trotted past in the woods, and the 4 to 6 white tail deer that were scattering. Some of the trees have already lost all their leaves, while others were still changing color and dropping.

We stopped at the entrance to the lodge for Hank to pose for a photo with the buffalo. Hank liked this buffalo because he did not smell, OR move!

We got to the lodge with plenty of time to tie the horses near the stable, take off our helmets and half chaps so we did not look like total goobers, and head on in.

They seated us at a nice table near the window, where we had a view of Lake Ray Roberts.

Of course, typical to Thanksgiving meals, we probably ate to much, and then headed back down the trail towards the trailer. We were still the only ones on the trail. we did see a couple folks enjoying the holiday doing their favorite sport of fishing. I bet they were out there saying "What month is this? Look at this beautiful weather!"

Who knows, this might be a new Thanksgiving tradition. As long as the weather is nice next year.


Tracey said...

What a great way to spend the day...and no worry about hunters there as Ray Roberts is a game preserve and hunting is NOT allowed.

AareneX said...

What a lovely day! Thanks for sharing it.

(I'm jealous of your blue sky, too)

WV: platess
I'm pretty sure that those teeny platess with the tiny smidgy tastes of yummy foods do not really count, even if you eat hundreds of them. erp.

Tammy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like an ideal holiday!

I can't help but wonder how I would have felt on a horse yesterday AFTER the meal!

It's going to be 60 in Nebraska today! I real treat! I'm saddling up, too.

Tammy in TX said...

I love that shot of you and Hank with the Buffalo. He is so handsome!