Tuesday, November 17, 2009

no more belly button ring

I took Hank down to the vet today to have that final staple from his surgery a year ago removed. I had found it about 4 or 5 months after the surgery, but he was doing so well at the rides, I checked with the vet, and he said it could stay in for the time being. So, with the season over, it was time to have it removed. I had made jokes about hanging beads or a bell off of it. We could see most of It, and it had dropped to make a small loop, right near his "belly button".

So the vet gets the staple remover, and kneels down, and positions himself under Hank. I told him to watch those hind legs, as Hank was quick, even though he had a twitch on. (did not want to tranq him for something so simple) I no sooner said watch him, and that hind leg flew up, forward, and thankfully only his his arm. Whew! I covered his eye, so he could not take better aim, and he managed to get it out on the next try. So I have the staple in a little pill box.

The weather has turned cold at night finally, and we should have our first frost tonight. Hubby is off for a week, so we hope to get some riding in on the horses. Our first ride of the season is a few weeks away.

Hank has mostly been hanging out in the pasture, eating, and not doing to much. He does not really need much work to be ready for the upcoming ride. He generally holds his condition very well.

No photos this time. I know, I'm a slacker. ;-)

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Tracey said...

Love your newest animal additions. Mardi is cute and I just don't see how anyone could pass up that cat! What a character!