Monday, November 30, 2009

start of 2010 ride season & sick kitties

This coming weekend is the first NATRC ride of the 2010 season. The annual Christmas ride is always nice, with extra festivities of a Christmas style potluck, gift exchange etc. The ride will be down near Ft. Hood, at Parrie Haynes State park. The weather is looking to be chilly, but I *think* no rain during the weekend. But, this week, our weather is pretty questionable, so I decided to get the rig packed today, while it was sunny and nice out. I have prety much everything except the food that goes in to the fridge already packed and ready to go. Hay loaded, water tanks full, Hanks blankets packed. Warm sleeping bag in the camper. I'm almost feeling lost that I am already ready to go! Tomorrow a cold front hits, and Tuesday night, we might have rain, temps down towards freezing, with a chance of wintery mix. Wind chills down in the 20's. Burrrrr. But then it will get better through the week.

One of the cats that live on our screened in porch started sneezing and is congested. Went to the vet with her Friday morning, and got antibiotics. She is sort of wild, so I have her in a pet cage to be able to treat her. Then, one of her sisters started in, so they are together to treat. And Bullwinkle, one of our indoor only cats, who never gets close to the outdoor cats has it, so he is also geting medicated. And then tonight, the mother of the sisters started too. *sigh* So, I am treating 4 cats, and expect more to get sick before this is over. Hubby will be home for the weekend, and is Oh-so-thrilled at the thought of medicating cats. He is not as good at doing so with out blood or finger loss as I am. I think I need to talk to the vet about pills instead of the pink liquid. I originally thought that would be easier, but my clothes look like they have been splattered by pepto, and the cats spit out too much of it.

Meanwhile, Coder the kitten is growing and is just the purrrrrfect little guy. He is very entertaining, fetches his toys and brings them back to me to toss again. Mardi the puppy is figuring out life on the farm., Thelma has been showing her around, teaching her about the horses. She still has not got the cats figured out. She want so to play with them, but is not mean. They of course, are wary of her, but not scared. I think she will end up being a caretaker of them like Thelma is, but has to get past the excited puppy stage.

OK, next post will be about the ride!


Tracey said...

Sorry to hear about the sick hubby will be less than thrilled about his weekend "vet tech" duties!

Ristyz said...

Jonni, Ask them (vets) about the new time release shot. one shot good for a week of meds. Saves you from squirting the glorious pink stuff (all over everything) or managing to get the cats to each eat the right food dish AND the pill! (I have a cat that you cannot force anything into, I have to hide in food... Oh... he also has a chronic sinus infection that I have to nail 1-2 times a year... joy!)