Sunday, October 25, 2009

From colic surgery...... Presidents Cup winner.

I am numb, and feel this huge emotional termoil lifted off of me. I just can not believe Hank won. I will have more to post when I can gather my thoughts. Right now I need to go kiss his nose again, load him in the trailer, and head home.


Danielle said...


I'm so happy for you two. What a wonderful season you've had together, I know you realize just how special it is.

Glad I've been able to come along for the ride! :) -Danielle

Tammy said...

Happy tears here!!! Your short post was perfect. Anxious to hear it all!

Congrats, Hank! Atta boy!

Ristyz said...


Tammy in TX said...

I am so proud of you guys. You are such a sweet person and you have such a wonderful partner in Hank. You both totally deserve this!

Hugs to you both!
Tammy and Summer

Boots and Saddles 4 Mel said...

I am SO happy for you!!!! Congratulations!

MysteryTheMorab said...

Congratulations to you and Hank! Awesome!!