Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey Toto, you around here?

Heading up to the Indian Cave NATRC ride in Nebraska. Decided to spend the night in Kansas, at the KS Expo center in Topeka. Tomorrow we only have 100 miles to go to get to camp. Horses have box stalls, and are out of the weather if it rains tonight. Now, speaking of the weather, it is not looking good for the weekend. Highs in the 40's during the day, real feel in the 20's to 30's at night, and even a chance of snow, sleet, or Icy mix. Oh joy! I packed all kinds of cold weather gear, warm blankets for horses, and my super warm sleeping bag. Even though the camper has a heater, and thermostat, I prefer to not use it at night, and just flip it on in the AM to warm the camper for me to get up. Hey, maybe the good thing is, if it is really cold, the mud will freeze, and it will not be slick? Just looking fr the bright side.

This is our 15th ride this year. After this weekend, we have a weekend off, and then our final ride of the season. Points are close between us, and the other horse who is also doing 16 rides. He is a nice horse, who is fit, and does obstacles well. Looks like we will be taking it down to our final rides!

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Tammy in TX said...

You know Summer and I are cheering for you and Hank! Stay safe.