Sunday, October 25, 2009


Had a great ride today. Hank and I rode by ourselves for most of the day. I found myself thinking of all the rides we attended this year, where we traveled, and the places we rode. He was pretty much as perfect as he can be. Cheerful, listening to me, and careful through the woods, around and over downed trees, and avoiding bogs. Drank well enough, and his metab olics were all pretty good. No alfalfa all weekend, and his gums never did get injected. So, I need to investigate that some more. We had a timing issue, and had to push a bit in to a P&R, trotting maybe a couple miles, and he had no problem with his pulse coming down. So, that too I am wondering if it was something so simple as alfalfa. Until I do some tests with feeding him some, riding, checking metabolics, and then not feeding it, I won't know for sure. But they are always a learning process, and what works for one horse, might not work for the other.

Weather started out a tad chilly, then warmed up. Towards the end of the day, the humidity level had came up, and clouds are starting to form for possible thunder storms. but, that is Texas weather!

We are waiting for score cards to be done, and then awards. I am of course and emotional wreck. I am so blessed t have had this oprotunity to take Hank all over the country to rides this year, and that alone was worth all the work. But as I mentioned before, I am competitive, and am anxious to see the outcome. Even if we do not win the Presidents Cup, am know we did our best, and hopefully encouraged others to reach for some goals they had never dreamed of with their horses. You never know the full ability of you and your horse until you try, and are maybe pushed a bit to go out of a comfort zone and take it to the next level.

I have a happy, sound, fit, and healthy horse after 16 rides, and thousands of miles in the horse trailer. As I look out the camper door at him munching, I can not believe how good he looks.

Ahhhh, the horn sounded for awards...

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