Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain makes mud. Mud is sticky

I was not in a huge hurry to head the 180+ miles to the ride today. Not that long of a drive. Waited for radar to clear from our area, and in the direction I'd be heading. Put Hank out in the small grass corral for a bit to graze, after spending the night in the stall. All he wanted to do was play, run around, stop ans slide towards the rail, then kick his heels WAAAAYYYY up over his head, rear, spin etc. Of course this brought much worry to me, that he would hurt himself, so back in the stall he went with more feed until time to leave.

Had to stop at the store on my way, and then it was East Texas bound. I realized that most of my rides I did not have much city driving, but this ride took me right through parts of the Dallas area, with more traffic. I used to live in So. CA, so traffic does not get to me much, but it was a reminder that we do live in a small town, and kind of like it that way.

Uneventful drive, got fuel so I would not have to Sunday night, and was just a few miles from camp. My GPS told me to turn, but for some reason it did not look right, so I went up the road a bit more. Then saw she was right, and looked for a place to turn around. Now this truck is like driving a great big boat, and takes a good sized area to do a U turn. I found a spot that looked good, pulled over to the large shoulder, and waited for traffic to clear. I started my turn, and as the front of the truck got to the other shoulder, I saw that we were NOT going to make it, and stay on the pavement. As I got in to the grass, I saw the big puddle in the low area / bar ditch. Uh huh, we were needing MORE room, and before I knew it, the front of the truck hit soft ground, and it was like that puddle grabbed the truck, and sucked it right on down in to it. I was stuck. I jumped out, water above my ankles, and flipped the hubs in to 4 wheel drive. But alas, we were stuck beyond 4x4. A truck stopped, and offered to pull me out if I had a chain. I had better than a chain, we have a large tow strap, that is strong enough to pull the rig, but rolls up nice and neat behind the back seat. As we were attaching it, another truck stopped. Nice young man, who looked like he lived to pull wayward fools out of the mud. So, the other truck had to get some where, and left the latest arrival to help. Got things hooked up, and he pulled me on out, and back on solid ground. The whole thing, from the start of my U turn, to my getting out of the mud maybe took 7 min. Did not even need to call US Rider!

A major DUH! moment for me that could have been worse. The whole rig was at least out of the road way, so not at risk of getting hit, and no damage except to my pride a little. And yes, I remembered to get the camera out, as it was next to me in the cab.

I have had this tow strap with me since we got the truck in 2001. Have only used it a few times, but when needed, it is usually REALLY needed. Hubby does not like chains, because if something happens and the break, then when they fly through the windshield, it can result in serious injury, or worse.

Hopefully that is the most eventful thing to have happen to me this weekend. More later!


Tammy in TX said...

Goodness girl! But you just taught me something. GET A TOW STRAP FOR MY TRUCK! LOL

Tracey said...

I have the tow strap too as Mike had a chain snap once when pulling a neighbor's truck and it broke BOTH the rear window and winshield of his truck...after that he said no more chains.

I also use that heavy tow strap with a ratchet attachment to secure round bales when I go and get them as it keeps them still in the bed.