Saturday, October 24, 2009

Only 25 miles to go

We did not have to ride out super early this AM, which was good, as we had some fog in the morning, that would have made seeing the trail markings a tad difficult. But as we headed out, the fog began to lift, and we could tell it was going to be a beautiful day.

The area has a few ponds and lakes, and the fog hung above them as the sun slowly started to shine through.

The ride has a variety of different types of trail, from riding pastures, to through the woods, along beside the lakes, and more open areas along power line easements. After the rains, we had some areas with bogs, but I was lucky to not have any issues with them. A few riders did, and the trail has some adjustments for tomorrows ride. We had one little issue with Hank got his hind legs caught in a stickered bramble vine. He was pretty uptight, and about to explode into a panic, as it had a good hold of him, and poking into him, actually causing him to bleed a little. I told him to WHOA, and he stood as I jumped off, grabbed my knife I keep clipped on my half chap, and quickly cut the vine loose. Remember, if you have to dig in your pack, or can't find your knife, it may not do you much use. Usually, when one is needed, it is quick. And having it on ME, was sure a good thing after I hopped off to get him cut loose.

he was a good boy for what obstacles the judges watched. Backed nice to hank a trail marking ribbon, stopped nice and steady from the trot and stood like a rock when asked for the vet to check him on the trail, and was careful through some rocks for the horsemanship judge. His metabolics were good, and he did NOT have injected gums today, like he has been at some of the past rides. I will feel better if it goes that way tomorrow, and then will mention what small change I did. But right now, I'll just say I was pleased, and home tomorrow goes the same.

He had is good friend Khidd ride along with us today. It was funny when we headed to time out this AM, he had not seen Khidd yet, but when he saw him over across the grass, he marched over next to him, stopped, and then started to eat. Funny how horses can be friends with ones they only see a few times a year. and usually Hank is out front, so it is not like he follows him all day. I never get tired of watching horses interact with each other, and try to figure out how they think about other horses, herd leadership etc.

So tomorrow is to be another beautiful day. We ride the same trail, but the other direction. I am trying to stay relaxed, but focused, and not do anything that will mess Hank up, since he usually has things all figured out. lol At least he THINKS he does.

So, 25 more miles to do for this season, then it is does except for the score cards. Whew, what a season it has been!!!

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Danielle said...

Wishing you and Hank the very best today on the trail. Awesome job this season! :) Danielle