Thursday, October 8, 2009

On to Nebraska!

I thought about staying another night at the Expo center, where the horses had stalls out of the weather, but then decided Hank does better with an extra day in camp, so I packed up my buckets, lunged the boys in the covered arena for a bit, the loaded up, and drove the 100 miles on to camp. Silly me, I forgot to fuel up before arriving, so cruised on it with my dash light coming on, telling me I was low on fuel. Duh.... So, after I got the boys settled in, I drove to a truck stop, and got fuel now, instead of waiting until Sunday night.

Camp is a large green meadow, well, field, with a few big trees scattered around. I parked facing the driveway, in case we get a bunch of rain to make things muddy. It is a pretty camp, and the leaves on the trees are changing. I saw a LOT of wild turkeys on the way in to camp, along with a couple flocks of Canadian Geese who had parked themselves in some grassy areas.

We had some light rain in camp, but so far, not bad. It is to be in the upper 30's tonight, but Saturday night is looking less that terrific. But I'll not think about it. Horses have warm blankets, I have warm clothes, sleeping bag, and so far, my campers furnace is working fine.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention, I had my first trailer tire blow out of the year on the way to this ride! Considering how many miles I have towed, I am impressed it took until ride number 15 to finally lose one. I have carried two spares for years, and had one changed out, and back on the road in about 20 min.

My Internet is iffy, so I doubt I can post any photos until I get back to better coverage, but I hope I can post through the weekend.

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