Monday, August 18, 2008

Colic again?

Late this afternoon, we were heading out the driveway and Hank trotted in front of the truck across the pasture to the barn, stopped, walked a circle, laid down, and looked at his tummy. Took him over to the front yard to watch a bit, and check him out. Yep, colic again. Temp 100, pulse only 40, minimal gut sounds on left side, a bit of the tin can sound on right. He was looking at right side, and when he would lay down, would usually do so on right, and try to roll a tad. So, we loaded him up, headed down to vet. This time, after checking him, the vet says it seems she feels his colon is flipped over the ligament between the kidney and the spleen. (look up nephrosplenic entrapment) He got some drugs, and then lounged for 20 min. as that will often right the issue inside them when they do this. He was looking better when we left, but surgery is often likely to right them when they do this. He was looking very tired when we left, as he was standing in the stocks as the watched him for signs of pain / discomfort. They were waiting for an owner to pick up another horse so he could have that stall, which was in the front barn. But he was chipper enough, just tired. And not looking like he was in pain.

I'm sure tired of this. Over 40 years of having horses, and very few colics over the years. Really should not complain when I look at the big picture, but two colics requiring vet care in a little over two weeks is frustrating. Oh, and this time when they refluxed him, he had very little food come up in the tube, where last time he had more. But this colic is different. Last time, gas on his right side, and this time more on the left. My head is starting to swim with all the different types of colic, where gas is located, symptoms etc. Left vet around 2AM to go home and try to sleep, hoping the phone does not ring.

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