Friday, August 29, 2008

Third times the charm?

This morning when I checked Hank, things looked good, but I noted on his chart he looked a tad "fatter". I had hoped it was just him slowly gaining back some weight after losing so much being sick, and off full feed. I had been feeding him his hay soaked in water, which he actually liked, and this AM he did not finish it all, but it was also a larger flake. I noted it in his chart. Mid morning, I put he and Gambler in the yard, and checked on him, doctored his eye on schedule, and kept looking out to see what he was doing. He was grazing like normal, and drinking water. We had a small thunderstorm blow through, and I went out after and saw the horses. All was fine. Then about 5PM, I looked out, and he was down, and looking sick. I went out, got him up, and sure enough, he was showing signs of colic. One thing in common all 3 times was we had a thunderstorm blow through before he coliced. But he has never shown to be upset or bothered by them. But I am wondering if they have somehow set him off into digestive upset. The weather now is hot, nasty, humid, and he has sweat some.

I get a halter on him, and start walking. He is wanting to go down, roll, and is pretty uncomfortable. His pulse is only about 46, and not really dehydrated. Gut sounds low, but they are there. I give him a dose of oral Banamine, to hopefully get him comfortable enough to haul to the vet. I also hosed him off, since he is pretty warm. I need to call my cats in to where they live at night on the back porch (so they are not coyote bait) and then head out. I have been keeping the horse trailer hitched to the truck 24/7. He is looking a tad more comfortable, but still showing signs of colic. I load him up, and head towards the vet. I am worried that because it is Friday of Labor Day weekend, we may hit some traffic, but we are blessed to have a smooth drive down. When I arrive, they have a line of horses waiting for the vet. A few other colic cases. He is acting less painful, and actually grabs a bite of grass while waiting. His wanting or not wanting food is a sure indicator as to how he feels. The first colic he passed up grain, so I knew he did not feel well. It is our turn, and I am about to head to the door into the clinic, when he drags me over to the door, even though it is closed, and marches right up to it. I open it, and he heads in. I joked he liked it there, because he gets drugs. He is very willing to go into the stocks, and stands there like a good boy. They are doing their 2nd colic surgery of the day. The head vet palpates him, says something about colon, gives him a couple shots, and heads back to check on the surgery. After a bit, the other vet palpates him, and finds a lot of gas, but everything seems to be where it is suppose to be, but his colon is distended. We take him out to lunge him, to see if we can get him passing some gas. 20 min. and not a single horsey fart. But, he is not feeling crappy, just looks a little "off". His pulse was never high, only about 60 at the max. He is not dehydrated, and not needing fluids yet. So, he goes into a stall to spend the night again, and for them to watch him. he is actually begging for food as I leave. They do not want to go cutting open a horse that is looking like they are doing OK. But it has been discussed.

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